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Full Service Residential Window Cleaning

For most homeowners, cleaning windows is a tedious ordeal. It’s time consuming and even with your best work, a streak-free finish is difficult to achieve. Window cleaning can also be dangerous—for you and your home. Climbing ladders to clean high windows poses a risk of serious falls and using harsh chemicals can cause harmful abrasions in the glass. Avoid the hassles and leave your window cleaning to the professionals at Sudbury Window Cleaning. We’ll do all the hard work for you and give your windows a sparkling finish.

Why Is It Important to Clean My Windows?

Window cleaning is the best way of making sure that your windows stay sturdy for years to come. This can help save you money in the long run, as windows can be quite expensive to replace. It is important to regularly clean your windows because a build-up of grime and dirt can cause them to erode over time. The dirt covering your window is full of contaminants, such as hard minerals. Because glass is porous, these contaminants can weaken the surface of your windows. To prevent damage, you should look into window cleaning at least once a year. However, twice per year is optimal. Early spring is best, as your home will have accumulated large buildups of grime during the winter. Many customers often take advantage of late summer and early fall cleaning as well to ensure streak free windows all winter long.

What Kind of Window Cleaning Process Can I Expect?

The professionals at Sudbury Window Cleaning will take the time to clean each individual window with the utmost attention to detail. Many companies use pressure washers or extension poles to clean windows, but this can damage the glass or leave streaks. We wash all windows by hand and don’t use harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your home or the environment. We’ll start by scrubbing down your windows to remove all of the dirt buildup and use razor blades to remove any stubborn dirt and/or spider activity. Then, we’ll use a squeegee to clean it all off. To make sure your windows get a streak-free shine, we finish up by wiping them dry with professional-grade cloths and towels. At Sudbury Window Cleaning, we take pride in giving our customers complete satisfaction. To that end, we don’t just clean the glass of your windows—we’ll tackle the sills, frames, and tracks to provide a fully polished end result.

Why Should I Use Sudbury Window Cleaning?

Our professionals are the best at home cleaning, maintenance, and detailing. We have experience cleaning a variety of window styles, such as single and double panes, solariums, french doors and even hard to get skylights! We use the best equipment in the field so your windows can get a thorough cleaning without risking damage from pressure washers or harsh cleaning solutions.  Our professionals will take the time to understand your home and clean each window individually. They can also offer advice on the best ways of cleaning dirt from your windows in between professional visits.

Let the professionals at Sudbury Window Cleaning handle all of your window cleaning needs. We’ll treat your home with the care it deserves and leave your windows with a beautiful streak-free shine.  We work in many neighbourhoods across the city, including New Sudbury.  We are also specialists at cleaning windows in the south end, in neighbourhoods around Nepahwin Lake, Ramsey Lake (including South Bay) and Bethel Lake.

Many Packages Available

One-time Cleaning
3 Season Special Package
Ongoing Maintenance Program

Commercial Window Cleaning

We also specialize in low-rise storefront window cleaning and high-rise commercial window cleaning.  If you have a business with a glass front door and/or large pane glass windows, don’t hesitate to call us today.  The cleanliness of your front door and windows is a reflection of your overall brand image.  Don’t squander this excellent opportunity to make a strong first impression as customers approach and enter your business.

If you manage a high-rise like a college residence, apartment building or condo, call us today for a competitive estimate.  We offer several packages for regular maintenance of your windows and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sudbury window cleaning cleans storefront windows

Our Unique 3 Step Window Cleaning Process

1) We wash using soft bristled brushes and sponges, using no harsh chemicals

2) Then we squegee and razor blade each window

3) Finally, we wipe down each window, including the edges and sills

Gutter Cleaning Service Sudbury

Residential Gutter Cleaning

Most homeowners don’t find the prospect of cleaning eavestrough very appealing, but it’s something that needs to be done for the health of your home. Gutter cleaning is messy and can be dangerous, so let the professionals at Sudbury Window Cleaning take care of it for you. Learn more about gutter cleaning at

Keep Water Away From Your Foundation

Gutters drain water from your roof to your drainage system, which makes them important in keeping water away from your home’s foundation. It is important to clean your gutters to prevent a range of expensive home repairs. Clogged gutters trap the water around your home, which can lead to basement flooding, foundation cracks, and wood rot. And the standing water in a clogged gutter is the perfect environment for insects to breed, which can leave you with an infestation of mosquitos, termites, or wasps. To prevent damage to your home, your gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year.

We Are Professionals That Work Safely

Cleaning gutters is a messy job. It can also be dangerous, since it involves the use of a ladder and getting up on your roof. Avoid all that hassle with our gutter cleaning services. The professionals at Sudbury Window Cleaning have years of experience in home maintenance and cleaning. We know how to safely maneuver around on your roof and will use professional equipment to scoop all the dirt and debris from your gutters. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we make it easy to schedule bi-annual cleanings in advance, so you can rest assured that your gutters stay clean and your home stays healthy.

Siding Cleaning Service Sudbury

Residential Siding Cleaning

Though it’s easily overlooked, cleaning the siding of your house is an important part of residential maintenance. The dirt and grime that accumulates on the exterior of your house can be an eyesore. It can also be harmful. The buildup of dirt is full of substances like mildew and salt, which can permanently stain and erode your home’s siding. These harmful substances also cause health issues for the people in your house. The damage from a buildup of dirt can result in expensive home repairs and medical bills, so cleaning your siding is a task that needs to be performed regularly. This is where the professionals at Sudbury Window Cleaning can help you.

No pressure washing or harsh chemicals

Our professionals have years of experience in home maintenance and cleaning. We have cleaned a wide range of sidings, including stucco, wood, concrete, and vinyl. To prevent surface damage, we don’t use pressure washers on your home. With a bit of elbow work, we’re able to clean your siding with water, soft bristle brushes, and non-abrasive detergent. Our professionals are highly skilled and use the utmost attention to detail to remove all specs of debris from your home’s siding. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and will take time to explore your home, discuss your options, and exceed your expectations. And with several available packages, it’s easy to schedule your siding cleaning or add on other valuable services, such as window and gutter cleaning. Reduce expenses for home repairs and put your mind at ease with the professionals at Sudbury Window Cleaning. We’ve got you covered for all your home maintenance needs.

Other Services

Spider Spray

Our crew will spray the nooks and crannies outside of your home with our special spider repellent formula.  It takes 30 minutes to dry, at which point it’s completely safe for your pets.  We recommend 2-3 sprays per year, depending on your home’s proximity to a lake.  This service will reduce the development of spider webs around your home and ultimately reduce the amount of spiders that enter your home.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

An often-overlooked element of cleaning your home is your dryer vent.  Over time, it can build up with lint and potentially create a hazard for you and your family.  Our crew will use special tools designed to clean out the inside of your dryer vent duct.  We recommend performing this service yearly to keep your dryer running at optimum efficiency and prevent hazards.


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