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Thinking about hiring a pro for your window cleaning needs in Sudbury?  Look no further because we are specialists at cleaning windows in the neighbourhoods around the city, including New Sudbury and the South End.  Ask about our seasonal maintenance plans to leave your windows spotless all year long!


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Professional Window Cleaning Service

How often do you wash your windows?  Maybe once or twice a year?  Maybe never?  Cleaning the windows of your home is an important part of seasonal maintenance, but most people avoid it.  To ensure the long life of the windows at your home, they should be cleaned once per year, at the very least.  Twice per year is ideal, with one cleaning in the spring and one in late summer/fall.  If you live near a lake, you’ll want to be cleaning them 3 or 4 times per year.

Do you really want to do this work?  Nope, and that’s okay, because neither do the rest of our clients in Sudbury.  They hire our professional window cleaning service to do this work instead and have never looked back.

Dirt Accumulates

The accumulation of dirt and grime over time can reduce the lifespan of your windows.  If they haven’t been cleaned in a while, it won’t be a quick and easy job!

Safety concern

How will you reach the windows on the upper level of your home?  You can use a ladder but this creates a safety concern, especially if you are working alone.

Increase Visual Appeal

Clean windows make your home stand out from the exterior, and you’ll love looking out of them from inside the house.  It’s very satisfying!

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Don’t let all that dirt and grime build up!  There’s a reason we offer yearly maintenance packages at a discount.  The more often you clean your windows, the less time it takes to do each cleaning and the more you protect the life of your windows.

We offer several different plans and scheduled times to visit your home.  Our top priority is working with you to develop a schedule that meets your needs and budget.  Of course, if you only want one cleaning, we will happily take care of that for you.

Once you’re on a schedule that meets your needs, you’ll never be bothered by cleaning your own windows again.  Our crew will show up at the agreed-upon times and take care of everything in a courteous and professional manner.

We also offer a complete exterior home maintenance program, including gutter cleaning, soffit washing, siding cleaning, spider spraying and dryer vent cleaning. Ask your service rep about these options anytime!

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DIY Window Cleaning Hazards


If you ultimately decide to clean your windows yourself, be careful when working on your upper floor windows.  Our crews are trained to safely work in these conditions and do it all the time.  If you aren’t comfortable using a ladder and working from heights, do not attempt it.  Hiring us to professionally clean your windows is a small price to pay for your safety and convenience.

You might be inclined to use a telescopic pole with a robotic scrubbing attachment, or high pressure spraying wand.  We can tell you from experience that these tools will leave streaks and some dirt behind.  There’s a reason we clean every window by hand with a soft scrubbing tool and razor blade.  It’s the only way to guarantee a complete, streak-free clean!

Washing windows takes time and effort, but it can be done quickly and efficiently by skilled technicians who do it for a living.  Paying for professional window cleaning services is an investment, not a fee.  By getting on one of our regular maintenance programs, you will realize more life out of your windows, have more time for yourself and enjoy the view from clean windows year-round!

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