As a home owner, we know how important it is to stay on top of maintaining your residence, both inside and out; one step that we consider detrimental in our upkeep process is having our windows cleaned. Some people have a tendency to skip over this step, or pay less attention to it than other household chores, and we don’t blame them! Having to clean both sides of every window can not only be time consuming and tiring, but potentially dangerous if you have windows on the second story, or higher, that need to be washed from the outside. This is why we recommend hiring a professional window cleaning service to take care of this chore for you.  Here are just some of the reasons why we think investing in a team of professionals is a worthwhile idea.

Something that you may not know about window cleaning is that it actually prolongs the lifespan of your windows; glass is a porous material, which means that over time, any build-up of dirt and grime will actually begin to wear away at the integrity of the surface. This issue tends to get worse in the winter, especially in areas where salt is used to melt away snow and ice. The substances that most commonly affect windows are: hard minerals, acid rain, sea spray, oxidation, and over-spray from paint. By hiring a professional to clean your windows, you can more effectively have these contaminants removed from their surfaces and better ensure their longevity.

You may find that as your windows begin to get dirty, they also become duller to look through. You might not realize it, but this dullness is actually taking away from how much natural light is passing through and this can inadvertently have an effect on our daily moods. Having a good source of natural light in your home not only looks nice, but it can also give you a boost of energy; removing any build up on your windows not only keeps them looking new and shiny, but it guarantees that nothing obscures the lighting or your view, and that extra bit of cleanliness can surprisingly conjure up more happiness in your life.

Did you know that window cleaning can also reap some monetary benefits for you? By having your windows washed and allowing more natural light into your home, you have the potential to lower heating costs in the winter. Or if you are looking to resell your property, this freshening up can also bolster your house’s curb appeal, to create a fresher/newer, more welcoming looking space for potential buyers.

If you have not had your windows cleaned in a long time, then we recommend calling a professional window cleaning service ASAP! Of course, going longer in between washes means more surface-level grime, but you may also find that your window frames, sills, and screens have built up their fair share of dirt as well. This will lead to an even longer, increasingly tedious cleanup, which professionals are better equipped to handle to spare you the time, energy, and frustration, as they can precisely get into each corner and crevice to remove any build-up, leaving you with a shining streak-free finish on all of your surfaces; including skylights, glass doors, etc.

While looking for a window cleaning professional in your area, we would also like to strongly suggest that you hire a business that specializes in hand washing, rather than power washing. While power washing may sound like a quick and efficient way to have your windows cleaned, you actually run the risk of having your windows or house damaged by the high pressure, and using things like pressure washers or telescopic wands can still leave streaks and dirt behind, because of the distance that has to be maintained between the equipment and the glass, meaning you are less likely to achieve a precise wash. By using a professional service that has the proper training and equipment to safely wash your windows by hand, you can receive the best possible streak-free end result.

These are some of the things that we personally like best about using a professional window cleaning service, and why we would recommend them to anybody who is looking to save themselves a whole lot of time and effort when it comes to refreshing their property!